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Bug's Beads seems like an unusual name...and it is. Bug was my nickname my parents gave me as a baby. "Cute as a bug"- and the name has stuck ever since. :-)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Child's Anklet!

View the Etsy listing here.

 I created this anklet for my sister, who wanted something bright and pretty to wear this summer. Using acrylic green flowers that catch and hold the light and framed with pink cats' eye glass beads and "fat" cream seed beads, this anklet rides just below the bone on her ankle and looks SO cute!!

Pair it with a pair of cream shorts or white capris, flip-flops or summer shoes of choice and it's that subtle ankle flair.

This anklet measures at about 10" which was my sister's preferred comfortable fitting. Because an anklet is custom made to fit YOUR foot, if you would like to order, please measure your ankle in one of three ways: above the bone on your foot (for a tighter fit). Across the bone of your foot (for a comfortable fit). Or just below the bone in your foot (for a loose fit).

This anklet is perfect for a child! My jewelry has proven to be very durable and will be a fun gift for any little girl to receive and show off to her friends!


Evie said...

Hi Casey! Your designs are beautiful! Let me know if you'd like to be featured on my blog, I'd love to host an interview with you and maybe we could co-host a giveaway (I'd sponsor a book and you'd make a matching bracelet or something:P) - just an idea! Anyhoo - love all your work, keep it up!

Evie from Bookish