The Meaning Behind the Name...

Bug's Beads seems like an unusual name...and it is. Bug was my nickname my parents gave me as a baby. "Cute as a bug"- and the name has stuck ever since. :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Jewelry Is In!

Though I am sure none of us want to think about it, Fall is just around the corner. Chillier days and freezing nights turn to leaves exchanging colors of green to browns and oranges.

Which is what Bug's Beads in in the process of doing as well. Check out the new Fall jewelry and I even got a few earrings this time! Click on the picture to enhance the size.

I apologize for the glare. :-(


Amber S. said...

Very pretty! :) I love the colors of fall. I just sent you an e-mail with some questions...



Casey said...

So glad you like them. :) I replied back. Thanks for your interest!