The Meaning Behind the Name...

Bug's Beads seems like an unusual name...and it is. Bug was my nickname my parents gave me as a baby. "Cute as a bug"- and the name has stuck ever since. :-)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Red and Black Crystal with Cream Pearl Christmas Necklace

The minute this necklace was created I knew I loved and just barely stopped myself from grabbing it for myself! Made with Swarovski element pearls in 4mm cream and Swarovski 4mm rich black and red make a striking combination. Rich in tones and light elements it draws the eye and captures the attention. A string of pearls that is more than just pearls that any woman would want to hang around her neck.

The necklace measures 18 inches clasp and clasp, but I would strongly suggest that you measure your favorite necklace to know if this length would satisfy you. If you would like the necklace adjusted please let me know before ordering, if significant length needs to be added additional cost might be necessary.

I LOVE this necklace...and hope you will as well. But hurry soon...I might snag it for my own collection. ;-)

Etsy listing can be found here